Sunday, September 04, 2005

Thoughts for the rescuers

I have been watching, on and off, the efforts of the rescue teams throughout the day in New Orleans and Mississippi. There's a Coast Guard station there handling the various helicopter rescue operations and they interviewed some of the rescue swimmers there. (These are the guys who go out the door into the water during a rescue op.) There was 1 guy there who has pulled 126 people off rooftops in the last day, including some he had to cut holes in the roofs to get to. What's been eating at him during this whole thing?

Knowing that he's not moving fast enough.

This Coastie has had to go into mostly-flooded homes to check on residences only to find dead and dying elderly folks who were too infirm to get out on their own. Some of the retirement homes they've been sent into have had people die from the heat and lack of water in the last day or two. He and his fellow rescuers are doing the best that can be done but they know they don't have enough men and choppers to do the job in time.

That men such as these still get out there is amazing and we owe them much. I just wanted to say I'm keeping them in my prayers and ask you turn your thoughts to them every so often as well.