Monday, October 31, 2005

Are they getting it, at long last? Terrorists murder 20 in Iraq

I checked the news when I got home tonite and was floored by the story on Fox's front page about a car bomb going off in Basra, Iraq. You can't go a stretch of 3 days in a row without hearing something like that trumpted all over the news but the jaw-dropping part of this is the headline of the story: "Terrorists Murder 20 in Iraq." The story is from the AP so the meat of the story doesn't match the clarity of the headline, but it's telling that the event warranted this kind of headline from an editor who's apparently had enough of not calling it like it is.

This attack isn't going to win the terrorists any friends. Not only was it targeted at Iraqi citizens, not Coalition troops, it was placed at a busy street full of shops and restaurants and timed to go off right as everyone was enjoying their breaking of the Ramadan fast for the day. 20 dead, at least 40 wounded and not an infidel in sight. Unless you count all those "other" Muslims that don't quite meet Al Qaeda's standards. We're going to see more of this as we approach the 15 December elections.