Monday, October 10, 2005

Good fences make...

There is no arguing that the border of this country with Mexico is about as watertight as a screen door. In many, many places the border is marked with a sign and a metal rail, easily crossed. Where a serious fence is in place, however, the incidents of illegal border penetration are reduced to near zero. That's why a new push is on to build such a fence along the entire border, from the Gulf to the Pacific Ocean.

::::::::Now, a group of border activists are pushing for a new, bigger fence — more like a Berlin Wall — from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean.

"If we don't stop the illegal immigration problem at the border, the problem will grow in far more dangerous ways ... because illegal immigration from Mexico provides easy cover for terrorists," says one national television ad sponsored by, a project of Let Freedom Ring, Inc.

The TV spot focuses not on the politically charged issue of illegal Hispanic immigration but border crossers who may be a security threat, especially those caught who originated from suspected sponsors of state terrorism.

The groups are quite up-front that this isn't an anti-Latino thing or even an anti-immigration thing. It's an anti-illegal-immigration thing and I think it's about damn time. As I have said on many occasions, I have no issue with immigrants who come here openly and in compliance with our laws. Those that don't, I do have a problem with and it's entirely reasonable to put up barriers to stop the practice. The story mentions Hispanic rights groups making the comment that good neighbors build bridges, not fences. I believe they build both and such good neighbors actually use the bridges they build. They don't sneak under them and then claim that their neighbor's being a jerk when said neighbor complains.