Friday, October 14, 2005

Michael Yon is back in Iraq

Michael Yon has returned to Iraq. His latest dispatch involves his travel to get back in theatre and gives us all a guided tour of the process of embedding a journalist with a military unit. He doesn't say which unit he's with, yet, but I imagine he'll get around to it. The most surprising aspect of this trip into the sandbox was the military's initial refusal to allow him to go back in there without declaring a media affiliation. Yon's an individual writer who just spent the last 8 months with the "Deuce Four" based in Mosul. And that was unaffiliated with any media outlet. This time, they said he had to have one. Fortunately, The Weekly Standard stepped up and offered him an affiliation with them while allowing him to continue his writing as an individual. My personal thanks go to them.

He's back in Iraq just in time, too. The referendum vote is due this weekend and we desperately need his eyes at ground level there. He may contend his status as a war correspondent but I certainly consider him such and I'm thankful for his presence. Should be interesting.