Sunday, October 30, 2005

Muslim youths are rioting in Paris. Have you heard?

Not that you'd know too much about it if you're getting your news primarily from the MSM, but there's been 3 nights of rioting in Paris by scores of Muslim youths. Why are they rioting? Because 3 idiots decided to run from police and, in the process, climbed into an electric transformer station where 2 of them were electrocuted to death. The local Muslim crowd apparently thinks that's the fault of the police and have spent the last 3 nights attacking police stations, setting cars on fire, and trashing local businesses.

Because 3 of their number decided to run from the cops.

And get this: the cops weren't even chasing them. So, in the final analysis, these idiots were running from shadows and they ran into a place marked with huge warning signs that hopping in there might be hazardous to their heath. The Yahoo story is trying to put as peaceful a picture as it can on the riots but they are, after all, riots. Good luck finding anything about it on the supposedly "mainsteam" news sources...