Friday, October 21, 2005

A new hometown paper arrives. Updated

I have linked, in the past, with a local newpaper here in Loudoun County, VA called the Loudoun Easterner. It was your typical small town paper with lots of local stories and commentary. It had a neighborly feel to it, imparted in large measure by its editor, John Geddie, and the publisher, Beth Miller. Ms. Miller was a partner of Geddie for almost 20 years. She died last year, losing that final fight with cancer. Beth's daughter, Amy, stepped up to the plate and filled the role her mother had held so ably. A bit over a month or two ago, I was surprised to hear that Miller and Geddie had decided to sell the paper to a network of newspapers, LCNI. They've done a good job with the news, but there's just an unmistakable detachment to the community. It has a more "sanitized" feel to it. It's not horrible, but it's there.

Today, I got an e-mail from another member of the community telling me that Geddie and Miller have started up a new newspaper, the Loudoun Independent. The first print issue was mailed this week to 65,000 homes here in the county. Ours should arrive today. I'm looking forward to having a truly local newspaper again. More to come as soon as I see the first issue.

Update: In looking through the online edition's columns, I was suddenly surprised by something in the URL's and - most specifically - at the bottom of each of the columns. This newspaper is using Moveable Type. In short - it's constructed using the tools of a blog, complete with trackbacks. I'm hugely impressed! This should be the start of something truly wonderful in the next evolution of the news media.