Sunday, October 16, 2005

PC-idiocy and Charlie Daniels

Looking to add a little fun to their repetoire, the Hylton High School marching band in Woodbridge, VA decided to pick up the Charlie Daniels tune, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." They are scheduled to perform at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta this year, a big deal for a high school band, and it seemed an appropriate tribute. It worked wonders for Dominque Moceanu at the Atlanta Olympics, after all.

One parent wrote a letter of complaint to a local newspaper claiming that a song about the devil shouldn't be played at school events due to the separation of church and state. Yes, you read that right - the fiddle-playing devil in Charlie Daniels' whimsical song represents an advocacy of specific religion in this person's eyes and the fact that a marching band will play the tune sans words appears to this person to be an example of the State pushing that religion on people. The band director has responded by dropping the tune.

One letter, regarding a piece of music that will be performed without lyrics, manages to effectively ban a song written with absolutely no intent to do anything it's alleged to do. And the band director caved the second someone brought it to him. Way to show those kids how to grow a spine, chief.