Saturday, October 08, 2005

Zarqawi justifies killing non-combatant civilians

Al-Qaeda leader Zarqawi has issued a statement declaring that "Islam does not differentiate between civilians and military, but rather distinguishes between Muslims and infidels," admitting in crystal clear language that each and every non-Muslim is a target regardless of their combatant status. A new audiotape released has him saying, also, "Muslim blood must be spared ... but it is permissible to spill infidel blood." Of course, he's also declared that every Shiite in Iraq is a heretic and therefore infidel and therefore fair targets, so I guess not all Muslim blood must be spared.

The key here is his differentiator. Any non-muslim, or rather any non-his-kind-of-muslim, can be and should be killed in this ongoing effort to establish the global Caliphate he and bin Laden have spoken so glowingly of. The actions or non-actions of such people are irrelevant. It's their submission to Islam that's key. If they do so, they live. If they don't, they die. In the end, the Jewish soldier, the Christian businessman, and the atheist anti-war protester are each and every one exactly the same in the eyes of these terrorists. They are infidel and will, each and every one, bow in submission or be killed.

These guys are the huge minority, but 1 homicidal maniac in a room of 100 people who won't defend themselves is going to be 1 blood soaked nutcase in a room with 100 corpses soon enough. Taking the fight to the terrorists is the only winning tactic and a strategy of improving the conditions for all people, muslim or not, is the only winning solution.