Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cell phone bank robber apprehended Updated

You might have seen this on the Web: a young woman walked into at least 4 banks and robbed the place and, apparently, had a cell phone up to her ear while she did it. A manhunt (pardon the term) ensued. This is of special interest to me because the latest robbery took place less than 5 miles from my home. This is a hometown deal for me.

I am advised through an e-mail from one of our County Supervisors, Eugene Delgaudio, that she's been caught. From the e-mail:

::::::::The so-called cell phone bandit was taken into custody early Tuesday morning by local and federal authorities.

Candice Rose Martinez, 19, was apprehended in a residence at approximately 3:40 AM in the Centreville area of Fairfax County, VA. Loudoun and Fairfax Counties had issued warrants for her arrest this weekend in connection with a two of bank robberies in Northern Virginia. The apprehension was made roughly an hour after law enforcement issued a lookout for a car that Martinez and another man were believed to be traveling in.

I don't see a story posted on any of the major local MSM's but as soon as I do, I'll try to get an update to this post.

Good work by the Fairfax and Loudoun law enforcement teams!

Update: Here's a link now: WTOP News. Looks like the break came as a result of a single FBI agent following up a lead. Nicely done, Bureau!