Friday, November 11, 2005

Document expert Emily Wills speaks out on Mary Mapes' latest work

Mary Mapes, the former CBS producer in charge of the report last September wherein CBS relied on obvious forgeries in an effort to "prove" the allegations about George Bush's National Guard service, has put out a book on her efforts in that story. Amazingly, she continues to assert the documents are authentic in the face of repeated and overlapping proof to the contrary. Now, one of the document experts that Mapes decided to ignore is setting the record straight as to allegations Mapes has made in her book. Emily Will was one of the experts Mapes contacted in an effort to authenticate the "Killian documents", as they were called. Will had several issues with the documents - issues that were certainly germane to the authentication process but not useful in any sense to Mapes' desired narrative. Since Mapes has now gone public, Will is doing the same.

::::::::On Friday, September 3, 2004, I was closing down my office and thinking about the Labor Day Weekend ahead when the phone rang and the caller asked whether I would be willing to work over the weekend on some important, time-sensitive documents. This was the beginning of my involvement in the examination of documents in the Bush National Guard Document/Memo-Gate news story.

This week, the book "Truth and Duty" by Mary Mapes, former CBS producer, was released. The book contains several inaccuracies in the description of my participation. Because the book is a public document, I see it as my duty to publicly state the truth about what I said and did.

Will goes point-for-point on her involvement in this story. Given the credibility issue Mapes now has (and continues to exacerbate), I know who I believe.

Hat tip: Power Line