Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election news from this part of the Old Dominion Update: AP's calling it

At of 9:15 pm local time, our news radio station WTOP is reporting that with 76% of precincts reporting, Democrat Tim Kaine is leading Republican Jerry Kilgore by 51% to 47%. There's a 3rd candidate - Republican breakaway Russ Potts - who holds 2% currently. Virginia is one of those oddball states that actually elects both the governor and his lieutenant separately, so it's possible to have a Democrat win the Governor's race and a Republican win the Lt. Gov. In fact, as of this moment that's exactly what we have. The current leader for Lt. Gov. is Republican Bill Bolling.

That'll certainly make coming to the office fun.

The other race of interest out here is for our State Delegate race pitting incumbent Dick Black (R) against challenger Dave Poisson (D). What I find interesting is that our polls closed 2 hours ago and no precincts have reported at all. Hmmm.

More to come as I hear.

Update: The AP's calling it for Kaine with 85% of the precincts reporting. I've got to agree with them. Kilgore would need close to 50,000 votes to pull ahead and I don't see that happening with just 15% left to count. I note that Norman over at Commonwealth Conservative is conceding, even if Kilgore's crew isn't. I have agree with Norman.