Friday, November 04, 2005

Hacker arrested by the FBI

I hate using the term "hacker" in this light but that's what the term has evolved into, so... In any event, a 20-year-old punk who managed to infect thousands of computers with "bots" has been arrested by the FBI. Bots are basically applications that run in the background of a pc's systems taking direction from a "botmaster" to perform tasks without the owner of the system being aware. Typcially, hordes of these bots form a "botnet" and perform such tasks as denial of service attacks and spamming. For the non-techies among us, think about someone tapping into your electrical power to run a pirate radio or tv station. (Did I mention you aren't aware of it but you pay for it anyway?)

What makes this case different is the fact that the little shit was renting his botnet out to other hackers who want to be a boil on the backside of humanity but can't manage to break the law sufficiently to create their own nets. I have no pity or mercy in my heart for any of these clowns, whether they're doing it for profit or not. This kid should go to jail and never lay hands on anything more technical than a lightswitch for years. And every one of his friends who are involved in their little enterprise should suffer the exact same deal.

Good job, Bureau.