Sunday, November 27, 2005

High School pulls paper for article

I saw this story on-line earlier and wondered what the article actually said to get the school to want to run around cracking open lockers and desks to get all 1800 copies that had been printed. Fortunately, it appears someone was able to get their hands on a copy and transcribe it. Have a look.

by Krystal Meyers
According to a poll taken in 2001, if applied to ORHS today, then there would be
34% of ninth graders = 143 sexually active students
41% of tenth graders = 147 sexually active students
52% of eleventh graders = 195 sexually active students
60 % of twelfth graders = 207 sexually active students
**This information was provided by Dr. Charles E. Darling, an obstetrician with the Anderson County Health center. **
If these figures hold true, 692 ORHS students have had sexual intercourse. There are many concerns for these teens, including emotional health, STD’s, and pregnancies. I want to discuss how to lower the risk of unwanted pregnancy.
While complete sexual abstinence is certainly an option, these statistics say that many teens aren’t choosing that option.
My opinion is, if you’re going to have sex, then be safe. There are so man things out there that can keep you safe. These methods include:

I'm sorry, I can't see what the problem is with the article. The figures used are publicly available, so it's not like the article was not truthful. In fact, it seems well researched and relatively devoid of any political leanings. Perhaps the WaPo and NY Times could take lessons?