Sunday, November 13, 2005

I can't resist: Pat Robertson is an ass

When I first read this story I was sorely tempted to blog about it but decided the man had enough free press and didn't need me plastering his name all over the place. So I decided to let the story pass. Every so often since then it's crossed my mind and I keep thinking about the depths of stupidity. Makes me wanna blog. But I told myself I was sticking to my position on the matter.

So I'm weak. What's your excuse?

A few of days ago, the Dover, PA school board was up for re-election. Eight of the group had tried to introduce the concept of intelligent design as an alternative to the theory of evolution into the school curriculum and, as a result, were voted out on election day. Now, when the community at large takes a good look at something your group is trying to accomplish - on their behalf, remember - and they vote your entire group out en masse, there's a message there. Clearly, the community does not feel that the inclusion of intelligent design as proposed by the former board was a good idea. One might think that the next move on the part of the people who wanted that addition would be to figure out what, precisely, the opposition was against and try to, you know, actually work out a solution.

I'm thinking the best approach would not be to suggest that the community was going to be forsaken by the Almighty and that they should just go ahead and make themselves a golden calf in time for the next natural disaster to strike.

I have never considered Pat Robertson to be the brightest bulb on the tree but when a man purporting to be one of God's more articulate speakers gets up and says, "I'd like to say to the good citizens of Dover: If there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God. You just rejected him from your city," that's taking crass idiocy to a new low. I'm sure God would be real pleased with someone claiming membership in his clerical inner circle telling people to just take their business elsewhere.

When someone tells me they want to include intelligent design "as an alternative" to Evolution, I'd like to know what they mean by that. Does that constitute a quick 30-second intro in the biology class mentioning that religious faiths have other ideas as to how living things came into being? Or are they suggesting that the class take a week off from fossils and phyla and discuss Genesis? Or is the suggestion that a new required class be taught that addresses religious creation stories? It makes a huge difference in whether the idea is laudable or laughable, a visionary step forward or a dangerous stab to the eyes of enlightenment. I'm going to address these issues in another post, primarily because the subject deserves its own discussion and secondly because I don't want to lose the focus here.

Which is, namely, that Pat Robertson is an ass. Why anybody still gives this clown the time of day is beyond me. All he has to do is spew some trash about impending disaster and equating the removal of a school board that was obviously out of touch with the community with forsaking God and he gets plastered all over the front page. The issue was apparently whether or not the community wants their kids taught about religious topics in their science class or not. The Board didn't listen to the community sufficiently and the community did what a good democracy does in that situation: they elected new representation. And that is all they did. Suggesting that some cataclysm is now going to visit Dover over this is witch-doctor theatrics at its worst (with apologies to witches and doctors - you know what I meant.) I'd like to suggest that Robertson shut his pie-hole for a bit but I know how far that's going to go. In the meantime I will take it as further evidence that Pat Robertson is just an ass. And that's no theory.