Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Occupation has turned into a real quagmire...

Yeah, you know I'm not talking about Iraq. I'm talking about the other occupation. No, not Afghanistan, an exercise in liberation that ought ot be spoken of as a model of the art. I'm talking about Bosnia. You remember them, right? Bosnia? Care to take a guess at how long we've been there with troops on the ground? Ten years. That's right, 10 years. Capt. Ed Morrisey over at Captain's Quarters speaks of the matter with his usual clarity:

Let's make clear what happened here. We occupied a primarily Muslim state for the last ten years, trying to separate three different ethnic factions from each other. We initially went into Bosnia to quell a civil war and a genocide in progress, and then waited ten years for the kind of political progress that would make our presence unnecessary. Despite this quagmire, we kept our troops in the country and continued to work on a political construct based on democracy -- and we gave it ten years without loud demands for precipitous withdrawal prior to an effective resolution.

Now compare this with the hysterics over our position in Iraq. We have spent a year after the toppling of the Saddam regime fighting an insurgency while establishing a democracy designed to bring together three ethnic/religious factions at each other's throats. In two years, we have progressed much farther than Bosnia and will have the first elected, constitutional government at least a full year ahead of Bosnia's. Three elections will have been held before the Bosnians hold one.

So where have the anti-war crowd critics been over this one? Can't say we didn't invade Bosnia. We did, and we did it without a Congressional Mandate, I might add. The Bosnians never once sent terror groups over here and their leadership was never even suspected of having WMD's available. And yet the critics have remained silent for a decade in the face of worse conditions than exist today in Iraq.