Saturday, November 12, 2005

Paris riots and media inattention

Via LGF, here a look at a map of the rioting in Paris and France over the past 2 weeks. Fausta at Bad Hair Blog hits the question dead on and at ramming speed:

::::::::Now ponder that map, and ask yourselves what kind of European (and American) media noise would we be hearing if we've had fifteen continous day of rioting and arson not only in every major city in the country, but coast-to-coast? Would the press be clamoring 24/7 for the Président de la République's head on a platter, or at least for his ousting? Can you think of one, just one, of the 3 networks and cable TV stations that wouldn't be on this all the time?::::::::

Go have a look at that map. The attacks in Iraq are taking place in an area far, far smaller than where the rioting is burning in France. The riots are literally coast-to-coast in France, as Fausta says. Yet Iraq's the quagmire and the violence is portrayed as widespread and intensive. Muslims are rioting every night for over 2 weeks in France and the story literally disappeared from our media 2 days ago. I note it's back now that, as Fox headlines it, "French Muslims Demand Reform."

(Thanks to the Economist [subscription req'd] for the raw data the map is based upon and Fausta for a good analysis.)