Saturday, November 12, 2005

Reaction to the President's speech merely proving the point

I note that the reactions to the President's speech being reported are largely proving the points the President and others have made. Senator Ted Kennedy managed to become the poster child of the President's primary point in commenting almost immediately after the speech:

::::::::"The president reverted to the same manipulation of facts to justify a war we never should have fought," said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat.

He called Mr. Bush's speech an "attempt to rebuild his own credibility by tearing down those who seek the truth about the clear manipulation of intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq war."

Once again, directly from the President's speech:

::::::::Some Democrats and anti-war critics are now claiming we manipulated the intelligence and misled the American people about why we went to war. These critics are fully aware that a bipartisan Senate investigation found no evidence of political pressure to change the intelligence community's judgments related to Iraq's weapons programs.::::::::

That'd be you he's talking about, Teddy. What's clear is that there are multiple investigations that have concluded that there was no "clear manipulation of intelligence" by the Bush administration at all. Simply saying that there was, absent any evidence to suggest it, doesn't make it so. If he's got a problem with the bipartisan Senate investigation, perhaps he should take it up first with the Democrats on that panel and ask why they signed off on it.

The President also quoted John Kerry in his speech referencing Kerry's remarks on providing Congessional approval for the Iraq invasion. This apparently isn't sitting well with Mr. Kerry. However, the best he could do was play the same card as Kennedy and loudly shout about Bush misleading the nation into war by - you guessed it - manipulating intel. I refer you back to the multiple investigations that have found nothing to suggest that's the case.

In short, the reactions to the speech are proving the points of the speech. Not that I expect Kennedy or Kerry to listen, but the American people will. So long as they get to hear about.