Friday, November 25, 2005

Ward Churchill: plagiarist, imposter, and now: chicken

Hat tip to LGF, Ward Churchill is eviscerated by Grant Crowell, a former cartoonist for the Hawaii-Reporter. Let's listen in:

You claim that every word out of your mouth is copyrighted. Well, you may want to sue Webster as well. That’s since you know some English but apparently no actual Indian language. (That’s not only acting like a male diva demagogue, it's called being a poser.)

I, on the other hand, know copyright law very well. So does my attorney, who specializes in copyright law, intellectual property law, entertainment law, and Internet law; he’s not some burnt-out hippie representing another burnt-out hippie. Here’s some free legal advice for you from my attorney, David M. Adler, Esq. & Associates: “Copyright only extends to creative works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression. Speech, in and of itself, is simply not copyrightable.”

I know all the rules about what is fair use and in the public domain online. You, on the other hand, have problems saying the word ‘Google.”

And that's the light-hearted part. Mr. Crowell is exactly correct as regards his upcoming documentary on Ward Churchill; he can make use of any quotes spoken aloud by Churchill at any setting provided or paid for using public funds as a fair use and he can't be touched. Churchill's threats to sue him are nothing more than attempted extortion and a blatant try to use the legal system as his own personal cudgel. I'm looking forward to seeing more from Mr. Crowell and I'll be definitely keeping everyone as informed about his progress as I can.