Thursday, December 08, 2005

Coulter cuts short speech at UConn

The oh-so-tolerant lefties on the campus at UConn apparently can't bear the thought of someone with a different perspective having their freedom of speech. Ann Coulter had to cut short a speech there and turn it into a question-and-answer period due to the people booing and jeering. I'm no fan of Ann Coulter. She appears to get off on the aggitation she creates and exacerbates rather than being interested in debate. Still, is it too much to ask to be allowed to speak, especially when you've been invited to come and do so?

I just shake my head at people who claim to be so tolerant who can't handle someone speaking their minds on a topic. That and the clueless moron - is it any wonder that they're a journalism and social welfare major? - that claims that what Ann Coulter says is "hate speech." Clearly this person doesn't know what the term means. For someone who's considering a career in journalism, that's a worrying, if not unexpected, sign.