Sunday, December 25, 2005

Excellent news

Years ago I was dancing at my wedding reception. My young niece came running out onto the floor, twirled her dress for me and asked for a dance. I was only too happy to provide and I swept her up to take a turn around the floor. She was about 3 or 4 years old at the time. The photographer recognized a moment to be immortalized and did his stuff with great dispatch. It's one of my favorite pictures in the album.

Today she came into my parent's house to celebrate Christmas with us bringing her boyfriend of a few years in tow. He's a great guy and my family thinks the world of him. They had just returned from a trip to New York city.

She didn't even have her coat off before my sister and my wife zeroed in on the ring on her left hand.

She's getting married and as I kissed her cheek and shook his hand in congrats, she made a point of telling me I had a dance waiting for me at the reception. I'll be there to collect, bank on it. Our family has had our share of tears at this time of year. I'm happy to balance those books a bit and count a new man in the family as part of our blessings. So far, I think he's gonna fit right in.

Congrats, Megan and Darren! Here's to a wondrous wedding and a long and happy life to follow.