Saturday, December 24, 2005

FBI air monitoring program the latest on the media hit-list

Sound the alarm! The FBI (a.k.a. jackbooted thugs of the oppressive Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy&trade heading up the fascist government controlled by the Rethuglicans and Chimpy McHalliBusHitler) is engaged in monitoring for the presense of nuclear material in the United States! These gleeful crushers of Constitutional Rights have the audacity, the temerity, the unmitigated gall to monitor the air in public places! Release the ACLU!

That's the impression the media's trying to leave you with, in any case, with stories like this one headlined, "FBI Monitored Without Warrants."

A classified radiation monitoring program, conducted without warrants, has targeted private U.S. property in an effort to prevent an Al Qaeda attack, federal law enforcement officials confirmed Friday.

While declining to provide details including the number of cities and sites monitored, the officials said the air monitoring took place since the Sept. 11 attacks and from publicly accessible areas — which they said made warrants and court orders unnecessary.

After 9/11 the FBI was hauled up to Capitol Hill and flayed on national television for days for failing to catch the terrorists and "connect the dots." Well, one "connects the dots" by gathering information about where you expect the "dots" to be. This is a fact covered over by the media in their attempt to write their "gotcha" stories and hold the Administration up as the source of all the problems. Now they've fixated on the "warrantless" activities of our government's law enforcement and intel services, as though every action those agencies take needs a warrant. This program is a perfect example of the media's pursuit of a non-story to ridiculous ends in an effort to make the Bush administration look bad. The FBI did this "air monitoring" without a warrant. So what? The monitoring was done from public spaces. Unless CAIR or the ACLU are suggesting that the air in a public space belonged to the residents of the various monitored sites what would a warrant be required for?

While we're on the subject of discussing this program, may I ask who the hell leaked the existance of this classified program to the media - again - and why the media isn't screaming for that person's head? The monitoring is clearly a national security issue and revealing so much as its presence offers valuable info to the terrorists. It absolutely aids the enemies of this country and I don't get the thought process of anyone who doesn't see that. Add these leakers to the names of the ones who leaked the NSA's program and let the investigations and prosecutions for mishandling classified data begin.