Monday, December 19, 2005

He said what?

Honest to God, you just can't make this stuff up. Faced with the prospect of having the authorization for drilling in the ANWR come to the floor for a vote by the Senate - the task for which the Senate was formed, I might add - Senate minority leader Harry Reid is hopping mad. His comment?

:::::::: "We've become like the House of Commons. Whoever has the most votes wins. It hasn't worked that way in 216 years," he said.::::::::

Excuse me?

The concept of "whoever has the most vote wins" is called democracy and, last I checked, was the operating principle of the House and the Senate and the American electorate at large. What does it say that the leader of the Democrats in the Senate doesn't know this and/or thinks it's a bad way to run the country? I would argue loudly that the Senate "hasn't worked that way in 216 years" and point to each and every Senate vote on every bill that has come to the floor. It has worked that way - at least up to the point where Senators started invoking parliamentary tricks to make it so the minority is able to manhandle the majority as it's been done for the past several years. Perhaps Harry Reid has gotten so used to bitch-slapping the majority around that he thinks that's the way it's supposed to work.

He needs to be re-educated on the matter and I'm fine with Bill Frist using this issue to do it.