Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A lesson in bragging

So, my first company off-site meeting is drawing to a close tomorrow. As the DC area was recovering from the first significant snowfall of the season, I was boarding a plane to Orlando, FL. In the few days preceding the trip, I checked the prevailing weather - which had been uniformly in the mid- to upper-70's with sunshine - and promptly did what most anyone in the situation would at least be tempted to do. Meaning, I called various members of my family and not-so-subtly bragged about being in sunny Florida while they got to stay in frigid Ohio / Kentucky / Indiana / Wisconsin.

Upon my arrival it couldn't have been nicer. Temperature in the mid-70's with sunshine and the resort our conference was held at was gorgeous. I ate a late lunch by the poolside and enjoyed the warm breezes. At sunset, some of my co-workers and I sat outside by the lake on the premises drinking a beer and watching the sun set. The chill in the air after the sun went down was the 1st warning. The temp did not exceed 67° all day and, after our meetings, it began to rain. The forecast for tomorrow is a high of 64% with a cold set of thunderstorms heading right for us.

And that's the lesson in bragging: Don't do it.