Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Updated Now that's what attempted election fraud looks like Updated: Bogus

Iraqi border patrol agents have siezed a tanker truck from Iran that was carrying thousands of forged ballots for tomorrow's elections. The driver of the truck has (allegedly) advised Iraqi authorities that 3 other such trucks were to cross into Iraq at different places along the border.

Under normal circumstances, I'd be asking if the Iranian government was nuts to pull something like this, but that's a question that's already been answered.

Hat Tip: LGF

Update: Well, that'll teach me. I usually like to see a couple of source points on a story before I fire off an entry but this one, frankly, passed the "smell" test owing to the recent lunacies of the Iranian President. This time, that wasn't enough. Or, at least, it appears not to be:

::::::::The head of Iraq's border guards denied police reports on Wednesday that a tanker truck stuffed with thousands of forged ballot papers had been seized crossing into Iraq from Iran before Thursday's elections.

"This is all a lie," said Lieutenant General Ahmed al-Khafaji, the chief of the U.S.-trained force which has responsibility for all Iraq's borders.

"I heard this yesterday and I checked all the border crossings right away. The borders are all closed anyway," he told Reuters.

Iraq's frontiers are closed for the period of the election.

"I contacted all the border crossing points and there was no report of any such incident," Khafaji said.

The NY Times, which is the source I quoted for this story (an unusual event, to be sure), used a single and anonymous source for this report which should have been a dead giveaway to me. My bad for pumping this rumor into the sphere. Consider this one retracted and you'll hear more about it, if anything, when I do.