Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Saddam working overtime to divert attention

I note that Saddam had another outburst today regarding his trial. He's shown nothing but contempt for the court and now he thinks he can halt the trial by refusing to show up. Sort of like his lawyers did when they walked out. The court showed some iron in their spine that day by starting to appoint other lawyers. They need to show some now with Saddam. I recommend 2 approaches.

  1. Let him stay in his cell. If Saddam doesn't want to be present for his own trial, so be it. The rulings of the court will be no less valid for his not being there.

  2. Clap him in irons and drag his ass into the courtroom, literally. Feel free to use duct tape on his mouth to cover the verbal outbursts, if needed, but chain his butt to his chair and then proceed.

I'm not even above combining the 2 in inverse order. Have him drug into court in chains and then, after telling him that the court decides when and where he's to appear, not him, take him back to his cell and let him rot. Make sure Saddam and his lawyers understand that the process will be repeated every day Saddam chooses to remain in contempt. Just my 2 cents...

(I note Ed Morrissey over at Captain's Quarters feels similarly.)