Saturday, December 10, 2005

Southwest crash in Chicago will take time to resolve

Years ago I worked in the airline industry and met lots of folks in aviation security and safety. One day I had a chance to speak to a real, live NTSB invesigator on his way to some incident somewhere. I recall his saying to me that he found those initial explanations for a crash useful. He said he could almost guarantee himself that whatever reason was up on the TV in the first few hours after the crash wasn't going to be the real reason. So, he told me, he got to start with a 1-reason-down head start.

The Southwest Airlines crash at Midway Airport in Chicago this week is no different than others in that 1) TV reporters were speculating on the reason for the crash within minutes and 2) it's going to take a while to figure out all the details. I'm patient in situations like these. I want the pro's to figure out what really went wrong so we can go about putting solutions in place to really fix the problem. I'll stay tuned and in touch...