Saturday, January 21, 2006

4 of 5 election-day disrupters get plea deal in Wisconsin

The Democratic operatives who engaged in the Wisconsin disruption of Republican "get out the vote" efforts have accepted a plea deal that reduced their felonies to misdemeanors. Four of the five accepted the deal and pled guilty while a fifth was acquitted. Read all about it here.

I cannot, for the life of me, imagine such an outcome of Republican party operatives in Texas accused of the same offense against Democrats going unchallenged and I don't think it should be allowed here. These men did exactly what they're accused of. They have now admitted it since the deal has removed any real punishment for the crimes. Read that carefully. They have admitted to engaging in a conspiracy and activities designed to manipulate an election. And the Democrats seems to think this is a hand-slap problem? Hypocrites. Every single one of them who isn't offended that these men aren't going to do jail time. And I hope circumstances in the future turn around and bite them all in the ass with these same teeth.

The only hope of having a fair outcome of this situation would be for the judge to set aside the deal and impose jail time on these men. And no, that's not judicial activism.This isn't a legislative issue since the laws involving these crimes are already on the books. This would be a judge using his legal power to apply the appropriate penalty to a crime committed in his jurisdiction. I hope he steps up, but given the area of the country we're talking about I don't have much hope for it.

Update: Sean Hackbarth over at The American Mind has a good roundup of the story and reaction to it.