Saturday, January 21, 2006

Anti-war group pushes a fraud

Anti-war and blame-America-first group Code Pink, best known for their staged protests outside of military hospitals laughingly waving signs to the wounded inside that they were injured over a lie, has attempted to appropriate images of truly courageous women protesting for their own needs. Publius Pundit has the proof. The group snagged an image of Iranian women protesting the mullahs in Iran - an action that requires true bravery - and performed a ham-handed photoshop on it to turn it into a Code Pink recruiting poster.

I note that Code Pink has taken the image down without so much as mentioning that one of their own had put it up to begin with and no apology for this obvious fraud. What does it say that the membership of Code Pink can't generate their own imagery of crowd of supporting women? That they have to manipulate photos of other protests to make it appear that they are legion? It says they don't have the membership they claim to.

And what does it say that they have no issue whatsoever snagging an image of a woman protesting the mullahs of Iran and the treatment of women there to advance their own agenda of protecting the rule of those mullahs? It says they don't give a damn about women who are being mistreated so long as they can attempt to score points against the Bush administration. Sad. But not unexpected.

See also LGF for their post on the photos - Publius's server is getting smacked around by all the traffic.