Thursday, January 19, 2006

AQ offering a truce for Iraq, Afghanistan

A new audio tape supposedly from Al Qaeda is offering a truce for the rebuilding of Iraq and Afghanistan while promising more attacks in the US. It also says that the security measures here in the US aren't the reason there's been no attacks, it's that things take time to plan.

Yes, that's one explanation and it has the virtue of requiring no proof whatsoever to make. A more reasonable explanation is that the people who had been planning such operations are either captured or dead and that the preparations for those attacks were disrupted by the various anti-terrorist operations that have taken place since 9/11. We know for a fact that terrorists have been captured while planning additional attacks. We know for certain that some have been killed. Funds and materiel have been seized or destroyed. In any endeavor, those events would delay the planning and execution of anything such an organization would be attempting to accomplish. So, to say that the security measures haven't been effective is (if not an outight lie) an exaggeration.

I find it interesting that the word used in the offer was "truce" instead of "peace." A truce indicates a simple staying of combat. What AQ is saying is that they'll offer the Iraqis and the Afghanis time to rebuild and then attempt to subvert any freedoms they've won. Nice of them. Of course, offering a truce when they're getting their asses kicked is an obvious face-saving maneuver, too.

Oh, no, no... it's not that our forces have been decimated. It's not that we can't field an effective force any more. It's that we're offering a truce. Yeah, that's it.

Of course, they want the truce to be held on both sides, so that will give them the opportunity to recover and rearm themselves. Possibly even move out to more favorable ground. The Iraqis and the Afghanis will, I hope, realize that it's not in their best interests to take AQ up on the deal.