Monday, January 16, 2006

Cronkite wants to repeat his glory days

Walter Cronkite's assertion during the Tet Offensive in Vietnam that the Vietnam War was unwinnable carried a tremendous weight with the American people. Cronkite's reputation as the "most trusted man in America" was literally true. Whatever the man said was the case was the case for most Americans living at the time. When old Walt said the war was lost, that was the gospel truth for most of the viewers of the day.

With the benefit of hindsight and some actual, accurate reporting of the event, we now know that the war was far from unwinnable then. In fact, had Cronkite not made his comment and the will of the American people to see it through not been undermined by his action, the fact of the matter is that we would very likely have won that engagement outright. The Tet Offensive, as I have stated before, was a complete and utter disaster, militarily, for our enemies. It was only the anti-war movement at home - fueled to unstoppable intensity by Cronkite - that gave General Vo Nguyen Giap a ghost of a chance. He didn't waste it and America cut and ran leaving our South Vietnamese allies at the mercy of the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong. Our exit allowed the Khemer Rouge in Cambodia to act with impunity. There are 2 million dead because we ran. Cronkite gets to claim part of the responsibility for that dishonor.

With the facts of his action now a matter of public record and completely agreed to by General Giap himself in his memiors, you would think that Cronkite would now know better than to shoot his mouth off on matter outside of his experience. War, clearly, is one of those matters. But, it appears that old Walt just can't resist the siren call of the moonbat left and the heady desire to relive his glory days when what he said amounted to more than a waft of bad air. It should surprise no one that Cronkite thinks this war is also unwinnable and that - again, surprise! - we should pull our troops out of Iraq right now.

If it wasn't official before, let me make it so now: Cronkite, you're an idiot. A doddering old fool now so wrapped up in the hyper-inflated version of your own legend that you're honestly proud of the fact that you've shot your mouth off about a war, calling it unwinnable, twice when the evidence available just shows you're dead wrong. Fortunately, the nwe media of the blogosphere is here. Where you had the option of deciding to be a biased reporter instead of a real journalist and having that decision both hidden and insulated from the truth in 1968, you can't get away with that now. America isn't held hostage to your version of events. We can get the news directly ourselves, now, and that means you're a dinosaur in more ways than one.

Sorry, Walt. This time we're not turning our backs on our new friends. Guess you're just going to have to find another way to justify your existence.