Saturday, January 07, 2006

Former DC mayor robbed at gunpoint in gun-free DC

Fascinating that I, a resident of the DC area, had to learn about this via an NRA dispatch and a story in a Chicago newspaper, but former DC mayor and current council member Marion Barry was robbed at gunpoint in his DC home last week.

::::::::Former District of Columbia Mayor Marion Barry was robbed at gunpoint at his apartment by some youths who had helped him carry his groceries.

Barry, who wasn't injured in the Monday night robbery, said he gave the youths a couple of dollars for helping unload groceries from his car and they left.

They returned, however, and after Barry let them into his Southeast apartment, they pointed a gun at his head and took his wallet, which contained cash and credit cards, Barry told WRC-TV.

''Obviously, I'm traumatized. To have a pistol cocked in your face is not something you cannot feel emotional about,'' Barry said.

I'm sure it is, Marion.

Of course, I'm just shocked - shocked, I tell you - that someone actually brandished a.... a... gun in DC where handguns have been banned and, of course, no one should have them. Well, everyone except those criminal-type people, that is.

Yessir, that ban worked wonders for the ex-mayor, didn't it? It's been the reality for all DC residents since the ban went into effect. That this incident happened is no surprise to anyone who gives it more than 10 seconds of thought. The kids knew emphatically where Barry lived and they had an extremely high probability that he didn't have a gun anywhere in his house to defend himself. That's a scenario not inclined to foster hesitation in people who have already decided to rob someone.

I wonder why the story wasn't carried in our newspapers here in DC. Hmmm.