Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gang terrorizes train in France

Picture this: a train leaving Washington, DC is boarded by 20-30 "youths" - we'll say between the ages of 16 and 25, just for arguments' sake - bound for Raleigh, NC. That's about 280 miles. During the trip this gang, which consists of white males who have all shaved their heads, accost all the other passengers forcing some of them to hand over their wallets, some others their cell phones, jewelry and the like. They then corner a couple of the young female passengers and sexually molest them. All the while the other gang members are tearing the place up by slashing seats, overturning things, and breaking windows.

Just prior to arrival in Raleigh, this gang pulls the emergency stop cord in one of the cars and, when the train stops on the tracks, they escape. For 5 hours, the passengers aboard the train are traumatized by this gang and now they've gotten away.

Now imagine that the media does not tell you any of this. The story is ignored. Sound odd?

Well, the event I've described actually happened although it was in France, not here in the US. The train was travelling between Nice (French Riviera) to Lyon and the gang consisted of "north african immigrants", but otherwise the story I've described to you is completely accurate and did, in fact, occur. And only the Washington Times saw fit to pass this story along. Wonder why that is?

Hat Tip: LGF