Saturday, January 21, 2006

Iraqi election final results

I'm unsure why but the final results from the Iraqi elections are in and I can't say I've seen much in the way of coverage on them. Omar at Iraq the Model has the numbers:

::::::::UIA ~ 5021000….109 seatsfrom the province +19 compensatory=128

Accord Front :~1840000 votes…37 from the province +7 compensatory=44

Dialogue Front (al-Mutlaq) : ~499000 votes… 9 seats from the province+2 compensatory=11

Iraqi List (Allawi) :~977000 votes….21seats from the provinces+4 compensatory=25

Kurdish Alliance : ~2642000 votes…43 seats from the rpovinces+10 compensatory=53

Islamic Union of Kurdistan : ~157000 votes 4 seats from the provinces+1 compensatory=5

Risalyoon: ~145000 votes 1 from the provinces +1 compensatory =2

Musalaha wal Tahreer (Misha’an al-Juboori) : ~129000 ...votes 3 seats from the provinces.

Rafidain (Assyrian): ~ 47000 votes…. 0 seats from the provinces+1 compensatory=1 seat.

Turkman Front: ~ 87000 votes….1 seat

Mithal al-Alusi : ~32000 votes…1 seat from the provinces

Yazidi Movement: ~ 21000 votes…1 seat (compensatory)

TOTAL 275 Seats.

In an interesting update, he says the first objection was actually from the UIA who won the larger number of seats. Their objection is the distribution of the seats in the provinces.

If that's the objection to the elections, then I'd have to say the elections - taken as a whole - were an unquestionable success. My American mind boggles at the thought of having a government comprised of 12 - count 'em, 12! - political parties. I'm not sure if that would relieve the headache we've got with just 2 or turn it into a migraine. I'll be interested to see how it works for them. I'm certainly not above learning from an Iraqi democracy. If they've got something that works better than what we've come up with, I'm interested in looking at it.

Today, however, my congrats to the winners and my hopes that they keep the people they represent firmly in their minds as they proceed with the business of government.