Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Marion Barry tests positive again

Well, the residents of DC certainly can't say they're surprised by the news. Marion Barry, the former mayor who was busted in a drug sting several years ago has tested positive for cocaine use again, in violation of his release terms.

::::::::Former Mayor Marion Barry, who spent six months in jail in 1991 on drug charges, tested positive for cocaine last fall, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Barry, now a member of the District of Columbia Council, took a court-ordered test after pleading guilty to misdemeanor tax charges, the newspaper said, citing two unidentified sources familiar with his case. He has since begun drug treatment, the report said.

Yeah, now that's the kind of public official we want providing an example for our kids, now ain't it?

Oh, and those tax-evasion charges? They were brought because the good former mayor managed to forget to file his income taxes. Six years in a row.

Don't ya just hate that?