Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mark Warner: Does he get the problem?

Anyone watching the political stage while paying any attention whatsoever will recognize the name, Mark Warner. He's the outgoing Governor of Virginia whose coat-tails were long and strong enough to get his Lt. Governor elected Governor this past November. Say anything else you like, this man has been popular and perceived to be effective by a very large majority of Virginia residents. So much so, in fact, that his name has bubbled up to near the top of the list of prospective Democratic candidates for President in 2008.

Honestly, kids, if he decides to run he's going to be a real contender, mark my words.

Our local news radio station, WTOP, has a recurring show called "Ask the Governor" wherein they invite Governor Warner into the studio and have him on for a full hour both to interview him in depth and give local callers the chance to toss their own questions at him. Today's episode of that show had this from the Governor: that he might be willing to run for Governor again.

::::::::With 12 days left in his term, Virginia Gov. Mark Warner said on WTOP's Ask the Governor program Tuesday that he may run again for governor.

Virginia is the only state where governors cannot run for back-to-back terms. Under Virginia law Warner must wait four years before seeking the office again.

"If you could run again for governor, would you?" host Bruce Alan asked Warner.

"Yes," Warner said.

"Sitting here with 12 days left in my term it would not be something I would rule out," said Warner. Warner then joked that WTOP should keep the seat on Ask the Governor warm for him.

Unless the Virginia GOP starts getting something moving, I gotta say Warner's chances of winning such an election here are pretty damn high. Perhaps the local GOP should be more concerned with not treating Northern Virginia like an ATM and giving them the shaft when it comes to funding our needs, eh? Warner's not done considering another office, tho, and that's probably the most telling line in the piece:

::::::::Warner, a Democrat, says it would be easier for him to sell his family on the idea of running for governor than it would be to sell them on the idea of running for president.

He says he still hasn't made a decision on whether he'll run for president.

"I have not made any decision. I do think Democrats need to be more than against the president or against Republicans."

Emphasis mine.

By jove, I think he's onto something, there. As we on the right have been saying for a long time, simply being the anti-Bush party isn't going to win the Democrats elections any time soon. This is compounded by the continuous obsession the Democratic leadership has in fighting against Bush when he's not even going to the be the candidate they're running against next time. Warner's right - the Dems need to come up with some real, realistic ideas about how to address the real issues we face today and they need to shed the foaming-at-the-mouth BDS sufferers who have lead them astray. I don't see too much of a chance of that happening in 2006 or 2008, but Warner's on the right track. Keep an eye on him...