Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mexico denies its soldiers involved in border dispute

The reported presence of Mexican military units in illegal border crossing (the highest-profile one being a matter of 3 SUV's carrying drugs) has raised the tension already mounting between Mexico and the US. Mexican officials deny their troops are involved. Law enforcement and Border Patrol agents here are equally adamant that the gear being used is clearly military. In the tapes and photographs I've seen I find it hard to disagree. These alleged Mexican troops aren't riding in the bed of a Toyota pickup truck or in a surlus Soviet-era Zil. They're in a military-variant Humvee and it's got a .50 cal mounted up top.

The upcoming hearings on the matter will bring more to light, I hope, but one thing's for certain. If Mexico reported seeing illegal crossings where men in American military uniforms were seen riding American military vehicles, you can bet our military would be wanting to flood the zone to catch them. I wonder why Mexico's isn't?