Monday, January 16, 2006

Mick Staton wins GOP nomination for 33rd State Senate district in Virginia

The GOP primary for our local State Senator seat (being vacated by the incumbent, Bill Mims) was held today. I considered that it would be fortunate if 500 people showed up since these special elections generally don't draw too many people. Primaries for special elections generally do worse.

Good thing I wasn't betting on it. Here's the breakdown of the vote count, courtesy of Not Larry Sabato:

Staton: 1539 (56%)
Minchew: 837 (30%)
Chapman: 345 (13%)
Smith: 35 (1%)

That's 2756 voters participating in the primary. Not too bad. What is too bad is that my preferred candidate didn't win. I voted for Minchew and Staton took it. To be honest, I worry about Staton's chances to take on Democrat Mark Herring in a way I wouldn't have worried about Minchew. That, however, is water under the bridge and now's the time to get behind our candidate to see him to victory. The special election is scheduled for 31 January. Let the real campaigning begin.