Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ohio Sheriff fed up with illegal aliens

Butler County, Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones has decided to get the attention of Congress and the President on the matter of illegal aliens by sending them a bill for the upkeep on keeping the illegals in jail. He's got about 900 illegal aliens in his jail system and he's fed up with the situation.

::::::::He said 900 foreign-born inmates have been booked into the crowded Butler County jail in the past year.

"Why should Butler County taxpayers have to pay for jail costs associated with people we don't believe should ever have been in this country, let alone this state or county, to begin with?" Sheriff Jones said. "They are in my jail because they have committed crimes here.

"It's time the federal government should at least pay for the criminals they let stay here," he said. "If they don't want to pay for them, then they can deport them."

To their credit, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have been involved in the matter and have done what the laws allow them to do. These illegals are all in jail - every one of them - because they committed crimes in Butler County. ICE has put an "immigrations detainer" status on the illegal aliens who are subject to removal and will initiate that process when their criminal proceedings are done. That's all very good, but it begs the question, "what do you mean, 'who are subject to removal'?" That implies that there are illegals in there who aren't so subject. The story doesn't say, but it sounds like a helluva good subject for a investigative report, doesn't it?

The Sheriff acknowledges the help from ICE but he puts the blame for this situation squarely on Congress and the Bush administration for failing to secure the borders. The story also mentions his holding the Mexican government at fault, so I can only assume his primary illegal alien population is Mexican or entered the country from that direction. I happen to agree with the Sheriff: the Bush administration and Congress are at fault here. I've spoken repeatedly about the measures they could enact to secure that border and to handle the issue of illegal aliens already here in the States. Illegals who commit crimes (and I mean other crimes, besides illegal entry) should be a no-brainer. They get photographed, fingerprinted, ID'd in any manner we so chose and then they get booted out of the country for life. Sayonara and good fortune in your endeavors but you ain't gonna do it here again.

I hope the Sheriff's protest by demand-for-payment works out.