Sunday, January 15, 2006

US Aid to Palestinians should cease if Hamas wins

I note from over on LGF this story about the unrest ahead of the January 25th elections being held in Palestinian-controlled territory. There's a tidbit in there that drew my attention:

::::::::With the violence bolstering Hamas’ prospects in the legislative election, U.S. officials warned Saturday that millions of dollars of aid could be in jeopardy if the militant Islamic group joins the Palestinian government. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said Hamas’ participation in the government was “not an American issue.”::::::::

I believe we should concede Abbas's point in this regard. Let the Palestinians show the world where their true sympathies and loyalties lie with the casting of their votes. Should Hamas win, we know that the majority of Palestinians, rather than just a narrow slice as we've been constantly told, support their terrorist tactics and methods.

Fair enough. However, we aren't required to subsidize their efforts and attacks against an ally. The second Hamas takes power at their ballot box then the Palestinians can fund themselves from there on. I say we cut any and all official government aid that very moment.