Saturday, January 14, 2006

What real dissent-crushing looks like

We hear all the time from the left (like the lunatics at MoveOn and Dem Underground) about how their dissent is being crushed and how their voices in protest are being supressed. For a group being suppressed we sure hear a lot of their complaints. Their claims of victimhood look awfully pale when you get to see an example of what dissent crushing really looks like. From Steel City Cowboy, I give you the tale of the Pennsylvania legislature who apparently decided to vote themselves a 16% pay increase. Unless you're from PA, you likely don't know that's actually against PA law. The legislature found some creative ways around that, which Steel City Cowboy tells you about.

Well, when the various media organs in PA found out about it, they went rightfully ballistic and started reporting it. Citizens read the reports, also went ballistic, and put some serious hurt on the legislators. The legislature backed down and revoked the pay increase. But they weren't going to go quietly on the matter, as WTAE-TV, channel 4, in Pittsburgh found out:

::::::::Team 4 has a voicemail recording of Democratic State Rep. Tim Solobay, of Canonsburg, saying that state lawmakers are preparing an all-out assault on the media. Solobay hints that the first volley is a bill that would start charging sales tax on all advertising in Pennsylvania.

Solobay left the voicemail message for editor Cody Knotts, who works at The Weekly Recorder, in Claysville, Washington County.

In the message, Solobay says, "But you know, for the most part, the majority of the legislative feeling about the media right now is if there's something they can do to screw them, you can imagine it may occur."

Read that again. An elected rep has called and left on the editor's voicemail, a notification that the legislature's pissed off at (how dare they!?!) the media for reporting on the 16%pay increase and told them that those politicians are going to use their legislative powers to "screw" the media.

This is what governmental suppression of the media looks like, folks. The media said something the government didn't like and the government is using their powers to strike back at them directly. The obvious goal being to silence the media in exactly the same way as some mafioso henchman breaks your brother's kneecaps to "send you a message" to keep quiet.

I would like to point out that the man who left the message is a Democrat, as is - I believe - the majority of the legislature in question. To be blunt, folks, this ain't the goose-stepping, GOP-controlled government you get warned about daily over in the left's fever swamps. It's the PC-spouting, agree-with-me-or-you're-a-racist-bigot Democrat controlled government.

Well, the good news is they've managed to really honk off a lot of their constituents with their little revenge maneuver so perhaps the obviously needed governmental adjustment will happen sooner than later.

Hat tip: Instapundit