Monday, February 13, 2006

ABA mandates racial admissions policies in law schools even when it breaks the law.

Via Prof.Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit, we have this lovely little bit:

::::::::Interesting op-ed in the weekend Wall Street Journal, Affirmative Blackmail, by David E. Bernstein (George Mason):

"According to its mission statement, a primary goal of the American Bar Association is to 'promote respect for the law.' In the interest of mandating racial preferences in admissions, however, the ABA is about to order law schools to do just the opposite -- in fact, to violate the law -- and is resorting to blackmail to achieve its end.

"Meeting in Chicago today, the ABA's Council of the Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar will vote on new 'equal opportunity and diversity' standards. If they are approved, any law school that seeks to maintain or acquire ABA accreditation will be required to engage in racial preferences in hiring and admissions, regardless of any federal, state or local laws that prohibit of such policies.....

So, the association that defines the ethics practices of lawyers is telling the schools that train said lawyers that they are required to engage in racial preferences in admissions and hiring if they want to keep that "Approved by the ABA" sticker on their doors, even where such practice is illegal. I can't wait to hear their explanation for this one.