Sunday, February 05, 2006

Army resolves situation with Yon

I mentioned recently the Army's row with Micheal Yon over the unattributed use of one of Yon's photographs taken while he was embedded with the Army's Deuce-Four. Seems the Army got it together: they've resolved the situation. From Pundit Review:

::::::::What we have here is the ability to communicate! Picking up on a couple of MSM stories, bloggers rallied behind Michael Yon in his copyright battle with the US Army in a major way over the past 24 hours.

Michael was in a stalemate for seven months, getting nowhere, until Boston Herald reporter and fellow blogger Jay Fitzgerald as well as the Southtown Free Press’ Dan Lavoie, covered the story. Their MSM reporting brought this to the attention of the blogosphere. From there, blogs like this one and those listed below picked up the story and started a blog swarm, sending hundreds of emails to those in a position to make the right decision on Michael’s behalf.

From Micheal himself:

::::::::Thousands of readers might have learned about it from Jay Fitzgerald’s piece in Tuesday’s Boston Herald. Maybe it was the article Dan Lavoie wrote for last Sunday’s Southtown Free Press, or the press release issued by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. Or when Kevin Whalen at Pundit Review called for blogger arms in an intransigent dispute with the Army over intellectual property rights. The growing volume of these voices gained the attention of people who could resolve the conflict.

The dispute over the unattributed and unauthorized distribution of my photographs has been resolved in principle to the satisfaction of the involved parties. The dispute had been exacerbated by Army lawyers, but once the matter was brought forefront and examined by Brigadier General Brooks, Chief of Public Affairs, it was resolved by another more senior Army attorney. At the end of the day, the Army did the right thing. I greatly appreciate the efforts of those involved, including the blogosphere and Brigadier General Brooks, whose determined attention and immediate action removed the obstacle.

Well done, General Brooks. I applaud the Army's action in this regard.