Monday, February 27, 2006

Driver’s training - relearning to blog

As I mentioned earlier I have grown fed-up with the blogging client I was using to create my posts. The final straw was the loss of a post that had taken me about an hour to put together, all because of both some unresolved performance issues and due to some truly none-too-bright assignment of hotkeys. The specifics don’t matter. The bottom line is that I’m using a new tool to blog.

Getting used to the interface is always a bit of a learning curve. What would make most folks laugh is that the interface I’m having to get used to is a WYSIWYG screen. Being an old code hack from back in the day when “windows” was defined solely as a glass-filled aperture in the side of your house, I blogged literally in raw HTML code. The layout of the posts was completely done using the various tables and tags found in HTML 1.1. Most people don’t even look at the source code their blogs use to render on the screen. For the past 3 years, I’ve never written a blog in anything but.

This new tool is Anconia RocketPost and it’s pretty nice. There are a lot of the features I can’t use but that’s a function of using Blogger as my blog space. One of these days I might pick up and move from there but for now it’s working OK. RocketPost uses a very “MS Word” kind of interface so I would guess most folks would be immediately at home. The only thing that’s very different from the way I used to do things is in how it handles quoting. Previously, I’d provide the link to the source material and then do a quote indented on both sides. RocketPost provides a very fast quoting method whereby you literally copy the source text, then immediately copy the source URL. With both of those on the clipboard, you press “control-q” and the quoted block appears on the screen with the word “Link” following it. The link provides the hyperlink back to the source code. I’ve looked at the effort required to change that and have decided it’s not worth the time. We’re all just going to have to get used to it.

In any case, please bear with me as I get used to this thing and get back up to speed. Thanks!