Monday, February 20, 2006

MN Dems feverishly working to supress speech

In yet more proof of their "free speech for me but not for thee" attitude, the Democratic Party of Minnesota is actively engaged in open attempts to supress the speech of supporters of American policy regarding the Iraq theater of the war on terror. This includes the bizarre assertion by the chairman of the MN Dems calling a Lt. Colonel in the US Marine Corp "un-American" for supporting that policy.

Power Line has been covering this pretty well, given that it's local politics for them. One wonders what's going through the heads of the Dems up there. Would they support an ad equating our sitting President with Hitler, one of the 20th century's worst nightmares? Sure! Hey, you may not like it or agree, but freedom of speech guarantees the right to speak even when it offends. Would they applaud an ad alleging that same President lied through his teeth to take us to war? Absolutely! Yeah, they may not have proof, but that's just an indicator of how the President is covering things up so well.

But allow some vets and their families to privately pay for an ad to broadcast their perspective, backed up by the fact that they have actual, first-hand experience on the topic? Outrage! Un-American! Untruthful! Lies!

OK, I get it. They're offended somehow. Rather than actually take to debating the issues they've got problems with, however, they're trying to force the television stations who accepted the ads and the payment for transmitting them to pull them from the air. That, ladies and gentlemen, is attempted supression of free speech, no matter how you want to spin it. They claim the ads are lies. Where? What, specifically, is untrue about what was said on those ads? You won't find those answers here, folks, because no answers have been given by the Dems up there. And un-American? How so? (Aside from the monstrous crime of taking a position the Dems oppose.) Again, you won't find an answer to that here because they don't have one up there.

Please, don't take my word for it. Click on this Power Line post and follow the link within to take you to a recorded interview with Lt. Col. Bob Stephenson, one of the "un-American" soldiers involved with the ads. Judge for yourself and then ask what else the Dems would like to supress.