Tuesday, February 14, 2006

People. It was a hunting accident.

Yes, I know Dick Cheney shot a fellow hunter this weekend. That guy, according to the investigation by the local police, moved ahead of the hunting line without advising Cheney or the other hunters. He was standing where he wasn't supposed to be and moved there without warning anyone else. Cheney swung the muzzle of his weapon in that direction following a game bird and fired, striking the man with birdshot.

It was an accident, folks. An accident. Not an assassination attempt, not a government plot, not an indicator of senility, not an indictment of the war on terror, not proof positive that all guns should be banned from civilian hands, etc, etc, etc. It was a hunting accident. Nothing more. Should the White House Press Corp have been advised within seconds of the incident? Hell, no. The first priority was to the health of the man shot. The second was to investigate what happened. This wasn't an act of State and it wasn't some official event sponsored by the US Government. It was a hunting trip that just so happened to include the Vice President.

The media's oh-so-offended attitude is translating into a frenzy of reporting to attempt to find some way - some angle - to make this a scandal for the Bush Administration. Nonsense! There is no requirement that the VP's office should have called up every reporter in Washington and told them about this accident at all, let alone within some media-dictated timeframe. Since when is it their responsibility to do the investigative part of investigative reporting? If the Press Corp wants to report on something then let them get off their padded asses and do the work necessary to find out about the story.

Maybe then they'd have realized that this was just an accident and nothing more.

We've got a lot of important things to worry about, people. This isn't one of them. Let's try to keep our focus, shall we?