Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hitchens: My Ideal War

There’s a good article by Christopher Hitchens in Slate titled, “My Ideal War.” Hitchens tosses in his 2 cents for what should have been.

So, now I come at last to my ideal war. Let us start with President Bush's speech to the United Nations on Sept. 12, 2002, which I recommend that you read. Contrary to innumerable sneers, he did not speak only about WMD and terrorism, important though those considerations were. He presented an argument for regime change and democracy in Iraq and said, in effect, that the international community had tolerated Saddam's deadly system for far too long. Who could disagree with that? Here's what should have happened. The other member states of the United Nations should have said: [Link]

Hitches is no rah-rah for the Right, conservatism, or for the Bush Administration. He doesn’t launch frothing attacks against those entities, either, which has placed him on the Left’s black list for the last few years, which is a shame. This is what real loyal opposition is and it would serve our country well for all of her citizens to learn that.

In any case, the article is a good read for what should have been and I recommend it highly.

Thanks to LGF for the pointer.