Monday, March 13, 2006

Immigrations from the immigrants’ perspective

My stance on immigrations and illegal aliens hasn’t changed. (In case you’re new here, I think illegal entry into the US is a crime and the criminal guilty of it should be sent back to the country he came in from no questions asked.) One of the principle reasons I cite in why I adamantly oppose any manner of amnesty for illegal aliens is that it is patently, absurdly unfair to the people who are playing it by the book. This article in the Washington Times today shows that the people I’m concerned about agree with me:

Jose Memjivar, 44, is an immigrant from El Salvador, but his conscience leaves no room for illegal immigration, even though he has a tough time criticizing it.

"I feel sorry for the people who have to leave their country and come through the desert, but I don't think it's right," he says.

That’s just 1 of the folks. You should take a few moments and read the article, it’s not a very long piece. It gives some details into the immigration issue that the so-called “immigrants rights” groups never go into. How it takes between 3 and 5 years to get a green card and then as long as another 4 years to become a citizen. Lawyer’s fees and whatnot can easily add up to thousands of dollar - about the same that illegals pay to get smuggled in. To consider letting these people who cheated their way in stay is a slap in the face of the real immigrants - the kind we really need to have here.