Sunday, April 02, 2006

Nebraska becomes 40th State to permit concealed carry of firearms

From Instapundit, I find this wonderful write-up by David Kopel over at the Volokh Conspiracy regarding Nebraska's passage of a "shall issue" law for concealed carrying of a firearm permits.

Yesterday the Nebraska legislature defeated a filibuster, and passed a Shall Issue law for licensing the carrying of concealed handguns by adults who pass a background check and a safety class. Nebraska's governor has said he will sign the bill into law.

With Nebraska, there remain 15 States that do not have such laws. 2 of those actually don't require permits at all to carry but will provide one if asked. (Read David's article on that.) 3 more have so-called "Do issue" laws that are like the "Shall issue" laws but allow local cops some discretion. The "shall issue" law basically instructs State government agencies that they must issue the permit if certain qualifications are met. While you might think that's a no-brainer, there are 8 States whose laws are such that the local governments will issue you a permit basically if they feel like it. The laws allow them to issue permits to celebrities while denying low-life scum - such as the common citizen.

Do read up on it if you have any interest in it.