Monday, April 03, 2006

Time to move along. Did I mention Anconia’s Customer Support Blows?

As I mentioned previously, I have been examining the possibility of moving the blog elsewhere for a variety of reasons. Blogger’s interface, while OK for basic blogging, lacks a number of features present in other blogging systems. Blogger’s response to their users is glacial, at best, and getting anything more than a “check the FAQ” response is nearly unheard of.

So, I am moving this blog away from Blogger after 2 1/2 years here. The good news is that I’m moving somewhere that allowed me to keep all the content that exists here. The new blog is at The name’s the same, the author’s the same. The look’s a little different and I’m still getting the pieces in just the right places. I invite you to follow me over there for a (hopefully) improved experience.

The other issue is with this blogging software I also mentioned. This application, Anconia’s RocketPost, has turned into a bug-laden, eternally-crashing piece of crap. The worst part is the absolute silence from the company in response to a paying customer’s request for support I paid for. I’ve sent 4 requests for them to help me out and I have not gotten a. Single. Response. Not even a form-generated receipt of my messages has been forthcoming. So I’m switching over to an application that appears to be working well and crashless. Take a hint, Anconia - an application can have all the bells and whistles in the world and if it won’t run consistently, it’s still a pile of crap. (Interesting note: I’m using RocketPost to publish this note and it’s crashed twice in the process.)

My advice to you bloggers is to stay the hell away from Anconia and all its products. Use them at your own risk.

In closing, please click on the link and follow me to my new home. I look forward to seeing you there.